www.captainlovehandles.com Custom Designed and Hand Painted Ukulele Video

Email Jas for an affordable quality art design and painted Ukulele - He's brilliant www.captainlovehandles.com check out his other creations. This is the signature Kenny "Cheese Ukulele" in classic Cheddar. With a Ukulele I got from ukerepublic :D
Hooray for cheese!
That really is quite cool - very 3D looking. I thought there was stuff glued to the top at first and my first thought was, "man, my fingernails would rip that 'Kenny' logo right off in no time" 'til I saw the bigger picture that the good Cap'n posted.

Okay...this is giving me ideas...let me go away and think a while...smell the smoke? :)

That's Tester's model paint. It works great on the body. Hint: when you paint the bridge, maybe prime it with Kilz first. It's been a month and it may not be completely dry yet.
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