Yet another build started, .... a de Houtwinkel baritone

Looking great!
Hodge, just found this thread I'd missed. What beautiful wood and the construction looks super. Congrats!! Looking forward to the finish line.
Gorgeous! :love: 🎶
Gorgeous stuff.

I just finished recording with my own de Houtwinkel bari this afternoon.
What's the fretboard? Zircote?
looks gorgeous Hodge!
what's w/ the fret marker on the 9th though

Thanks Jon. Builder’s decision on the 9th vs 10th fret marker. I mostly just use the 7th and 12th markers. Favilla baritones have a 9th marker instead of 10th. Guess the difference is if a player or builder is primarily a uke or guitar player.
Hey @Doc_J, what's "active bracing"? I tried to look it up in the forum but didn't have any luck. Before I go down the google rabbit hole I thought I'd just ask you.
My understanding is that the back bracing used in this build contributes to the overall sound box vibration. So, it makes the back more "active". "active" is how the luthier described this back bracing. The more interesting bracing design on this uke is the V-Class style top bracing. I believe it was adapted from Taylor.
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