Yet another build started, .... a de Houtwinkel baritone

That is a gorgeous ukulele! I love the earlier pictures of the figured Cocobolo wood back just after the French polish went on.
That is one sexy ukulele! Gorgeous wood, gorgeous design, and I'm sure it will sound as gorgeous as it looks. :p:love::p
I guess it really pays off to never say never (regarding not commissioning another uke). That is truly a beautiful instrument, the wood pairings and details all go together superbly
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The amount of work that goes into a uke is insane! I can’t ever complain about prices again. Beautiful work and I love all these progress photos. Looking forward to a sound sample when it’s all done!
It has arrived. 😁 I am very pleased!

The craftsmanship and feel are outstanding. Very comfortable and playable.
Looks even better in person. Sound is great as well.

It has GHS 100 black nylon and phosphor bronze wound basses. Usually, nylon trebles aren't my favorites, but I like how this sounds. Intonation is excellent. The strings sound very balanced to me. The satin finish on the neck and profile are really nice for handling and playing comfort.

Eventually I'll probably replace nylons with appropriate Seaguar FC fishing line.
Strings are still settling and the uke is continuing to open up, but here's a day 1 sound sample.
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