Song Help Request You Baby Nesian Nine


Sep 6, 2010
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Hey everybody,
I've been really wanting to learn Nesian nine's You baby, here's a link to the song
So far I think the chords they are using are
D# Bb Cm G#
But I'm not sure if that is entirely correct, or I may just be playing the progression wrong, could anyone help me out with trying to figure out the chord/progression of this song?
Thanks so much =]
Sounds right, but there are a few tweaks needed I believe.

Each chord is strummed twice EXCEPT G#, which is strummed once, then right after strum a Bb (3211 or 7565).

As for the Chorus, the first half is the same progression but the 2nd half of the Chorus is G# x4 and Bb x4. I hope this all makes sense, lol.
thanks so much man, i really appreciate it, and it does make sense, hehe =]
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