Your best video of September 2017


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Sep 1, 2012
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Central Coast, NSW, Australia
I guess this a contest between the songs you recorded in September 2017. Choose the one you liked best and post it here.
Used to do this some time ago and thought I'd start it up again each month.

I recorded 22 songs in Sept. Thought I'd go with the one that got the most views.

i look forward to seeing what you liked best of your own work this September.... but only one video please - you really have to decide which ONE you liked best.
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Of the twelve I recorded this month, I think I will go with this one. I like a story, especially a slightly mysterious one, and I like Abba.

Sorted for E's and Whizz from a field in Hampshire.


This all seems a bit egotistical; but I DID enjoy doing this song, because I love it so much! (The song, I mean ... not my performance!)
While I always feel like there's a mistake vocally or with the uke playing in every video I do, this is the one that I like the best from September. It was fun to change the tempo up a little and really fun to play.

I spent most of September 2017 on a motorcycle tour around the beautiful country of Laos. This is my favorite video from that trip.

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