Your favourite Ukulele artist(s) ?

Lots of great ukulele players mentioned in this thread. One of my personal favorites is Evan J. De Silva. This young man has a genuine connection to music. He plays with sensitivity, style, and soul. If you watch a few of his videos, you’ll see what I mean.

Thank you so much! I didn't know him :rolleyes:

Abe Lagrimas Jr is the one who inspires me the most
My favorite is Kimo Hussey, but I really love listening to Cliff Edwards, Roy Smeck, George Formby and Tiny Tim. There are more I enjoy, but I like these players the most.
All of these are in my top 10 for sure. Roy Smeck flipped my lid when i first discovered him.
Just grabbed the stack of CDs that I play as background music (mostly) when the TV is off...

(Top to bottom, top being most recent... and likely played multiple times)

Abe Lagrimas, Jr and Lance Takamiya
Mika Kane
Kimo Hussey
Kris Fuchigami
Corey Fujimoto
Pure Heart
Jake Shimabukuro
Abe again
Jake again
Kenny G
James Taylor
Louis Armstrong
Tadiusz Machalski
Slack Key Guitar
Benny Chong
American Songbook
Ken Middleton
John King
Samantha Miur
Christopher Davis-Shannon
Kimo Hussey
Corey Fujimoto
Kalei Gamiao
Ian O’Sullivan
Brittni Paiva
Aldrine Guerrero
Sarah Maisel
Jake Shimabukuro
Kris Fuchigami: I hate the reverb tho' because it sounds needy
Twenty one Pilots
The early videos from Feng E
That crazy ska band with uke that someone posted recently, something like UNRB???
A silkscreen print of a Cliff Edwards drawing by Robert Crumb . . .

IMG_3984 2.JPG

. . . and the album for which Crumb created the image. Cliff Edwards is always in heavy rotation in my house.

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Gus & Fin (@TimWilson: 🤘 yeah! yeah! yeah! :cool:)
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