Your favourite Ukulele artist(s) ?

Nellie McKay is an accomplished singer (Broadway and beyond) who plays the ukulele in her performances.

She performs with a lot of different musicians (with different styles of music), but here is a simple solo performance at The Kennedy Center in Washington DC.

Herb Ohta Sr, Eddie Kamae in the 60's. This compilation seems to be 2 early Otha-San albums and an early Eddie Kamae. For elegance of phrasing and crystal tone, Ohta-San always delights. Eddie's tremolo makes me want to cry. I have (and love) many Ohta-San albums, but it is nice to find something new.

And Iwao Yamaguchi, he has a large and diverse output on different instruments. I waded through many of his albums before I found a few uke-centered albums that I love. He is a Ohta-San style player, but he plays on bigger ukes than Ohta…very romantic and jazzy. This is my pick of his, solo uke with waves in the background, all Hawaiian tunes. He has some vids on YT too.

another player with a very diverse output is Ryo Natoyama, here's a nice lovely solo version of Early Morning Dew

I also love John King's Royal Hawaiian Music CD.

As you can tell, I like my uke slow, sweet and romantic, to my ears best for Hawaiian, bossa nova, jazz standards. But John King and Otha-San both did great Bach CD's! So perhaps there are no limits.
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