Your Feelings Regarding A Specific Online Ukulele Store

I didn't order a new uke, just a padded gig bag for an Islander Tenor ukulele that I purchased 10 months ago. The Islander ukes don't come with a gig bag. I purchased a Rebel branded gig bag that was on sale. Not very exciting.
We definitely would appreciate a NUD (new ukulele day) post when the time comes. Feel free to create a brand new post for that. With pics. Lotsa pics. Not being demanding or pushy at all or anything... 😜

And I agree, positive experiences are very welcome on this topic.
Hell, at my age, just about ANY experience is welcome!
Strange I hadn't heard of Newbury Comics since I lived in Boston for 5 years (graduate school). Checked on the font of all knowledge, Wikipedia, and my time in Boston predated the founding of Newbury Comics. Yeh, I am simultaneously a newby and an oldster.
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