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Nov 29, 2007
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hey i was just wondering if anyone was interested in posting up their address for their youtube accounts. i know there are several of us here that have them. so if we all posted them and subscribed to each other, it would be easier to see the latest and greatest things posted. here's mine:


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Heres my account.

I created it to post this video.

Heres the story of that video that I wrote in my blog.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Beauty of Music

Friday I was flown back to Kauai to perform with Aldrine at the Kauai Music Festival. The whole week I had been complaining that I did not want to go, and that it was a waste of my time, I didnt even my flight times til the day I flew back, didn't get my confirmation ..... ever... so I just ended up going to the airport and saying that i'm supposed to be on this flight.

I arrived on Kauai, immediately went to the KCC auditorium which is where the performances were going to be, went in to see who else was playing, I knew John Cruz, Makana, and Robi were all supposed to be playing later that night, but what I didn't know is that David Tamaoka was going to playing as he had won the BMI songwriter showcase. So already feeling pretty intimidated, I go to the Dressing room which is filled with musicians... no scratch that, REAL musicians, Charles Brotman is in the back warming up, or as most of us would put it, setting his guitar on fire with his fretwork. All these other winners at the song competitions were also there, warming up, singing and playing their songs and theyre all badass, all dressed like musicians, sound like musicians, and there I am, with my work clothes from Down-town Honolulu, without even my own guitar because Aldrine said they would let me borrow one there...All I had was a backpack full of clothes and a nintendo DS.

So Aldrine and I kicked it in the corner for a while, while the real musicians did their thing, sang their songs, complimented each other, while the musical pariahs (us) watched from afar. David and some other guys were practicing the song that they were playing it was pretty damn amazing. Then the performances started, First girl went on to sing did amazing, Next, same thing, next guy same thing, I was beginning to feel more and more like I didn't belong, "I'm not a musician", I thought to myself, "what the <expletive deleted> am I doing here?".. Aldrine looked like he was thinking the same thing. These are people that put their blood, sweat, and tears into their music, even sometimes scraping by to survive to follow their dreams and passion. I work in a cubicle.

We were told that we would play after the songwriters finished, first session of performances were divided into winners of the song categories and the people who taught at the seminars throughout the week, evidently we were part of the "teachers category" so we got to play 4 songs instead of just 1. Wow Imagine what these guys must be thinking I thought to myself. Who were we to just walk in there and play 4 songs when all these guys worked so hard to get to play just 1 of their songs. I was feeling worse and worse that earlier in the week I was considering coming to this a waste of time. I had forgotten what it felt like to be one of them, fighting for just a chance to get people to listen to me sing, to me and Aldrine play. I guess I had just given up and not cared if anyone was listening anymore.

So David guys got up and played their song. It turns out that David gave up his spot so this other guy he had just met at the conference could sing his song in front of these people. David had already won the BMI showcase which got him a ticket to LA to record some stuff in a real studio and he graciously gave up his chance to perform to practically a stranger and backed him up. The song kicked ass. After they finished that guy had tears in his eyes, he was so grateful for the chance for his music to be heard, he was so grateful for the audience for listening to him, he was so grateful to David for giving up his spot and for David backing him up. In the dressing room he was high fiving everyone and giving everyone hugs. He gave me and Aldrine high fives and hugs when we told him he killed it (in the good way).

Some of the teachers played, Charles Brotman played, and we went on after him. So by then, I was probably the most nervous I had ever been for a gig since I first started playing, my voice shook when I spoke into the mic and I was fumbling words. I really felt I didn't have any business on the same stage as these other guys. We play our set and at the end get a partial standing ovation. Wow, I felt super bad. noone else thoughout the night, got a standing O, or anything even close to it. I mean Aldrine deserved it fully, he can hang with the best of em but me, uh no. So we get back to the dressing room and all the other performers there are saying wow you guys did great and shaking our hand. They all have huge smiles on their face, the way I get when I hear music that excites me. Then it finally hits me, we're all the same, we all had the same love of music, it's the beauty of music. It has the power to bring people together regardless of age, race, style. These guys were all true musicians, they dont care about competition, or whos better than who, they all have the appreciation for all who share their love of music. David's gesture pretty much summed it up when he gave up his spot for that guy, David plays acoustic Rock, the guy was a hip hop rapper. I was touched, I remembered why I wanted to do IMN, and my whole vision a year ago. To bring musicians together to share their music and love for music and collaborate with others if they wanted to.

I will do everything I can to bring back IMN, but not as a business. If i do it, no, when i do it, it'll be out of love for music not to make me money now that i have been so fortunate to find again on kauai thanks to everyone at the Kauai music festival I've got the fire again. Thanks everybody! Hopefully I'll be able to help you all out soon!

That night pretty much saved music for me. IMN was a website i was trying to start to promote local music. It was the first place online that Aldrine was teaching his ukulele lessons. Aaron came aboard later to try to help me but I was young and didn't know what the heck I was doing. Ukulele Underground is kind of the spiritual rebirth of IMN and it is exactly what I had in mind the first time I tried.

Anyways, sorry for threadjacking.

Also read the comments for my cover of "On my Mind" It's hilarious.
im a ukulele n00b...i've been to some of the youtube pages listed...and there are some really talented people here...

heres my silly channel:


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lol if you are a noob then I'm the dirt under your nails :eek:


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