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What a great thread to hear all different styles of playing!

I've recently started my own YouTube channel to upload my produced ukulele music.
It's called "U-KU GROOVE". Non traditional ukulele based music.

Take a listen and subscribe if you like it! I'm planning on actively updating over the next year.

Good idea. I had forgotten I had this channel until someone subscribed. I have seven uke videos from five or more years ago, and some time lapse experimenting. If you want to do easy time lapse, get a little Brinno TLC camera. Do a quick setup for timing, and hit the button. Come back later, turn it off, and remove the SD card. Your movie is finished.
Here’s mine!

I reached a point where the ukulele wasn’t very fun. Strumming and singing (or, more often than not, JUST strumming to spare people my singing) wasn’t doing it for me. And a guy at work asked if I knew more than one song because he couldn’t hear the melody that I was hearing in my head for the five or so songs he was present for when I was playing. It was kind of hurtful, but still good feedback. People can’t hear a melody you don’t provide.

So I started digging into sheet music and pulling out the melody and trying to mix it with the chords. Ideally I’ll end up doing that crazy pinch method Kimo does, but for now I like the range I get from fingerpicking and strumming.

Since getting into this, the uke’s been a LOT more fun. My sense of satisfaction when I get finished arranging a song how I want to play it, knowing that this is a D or a C and there’s nothing saying it can’t be played here or there (as opposed to TAB where I never knew what I was playing and relying entirely on someone else to transcribe it into TAB in the first place) has been beyond satisfying. My wife recognizes the songs I play, and that’s awesome.

Anyway, I had a YouTube channel that was guitar and ukulele, but it was mostly snippets and demos for me to pull from later. I decided I should make a channel with full songs dedicated solely to the ukulele, and do my absolute best to make the best videos I could. Each video brings lessons learned and it’s a fun process, learning and practicing production and editing in addition to the ukulele.

I hope you check it out and enjoy it!
Low G ukulele played with banjo fingerpicks plus one more on my ring fingernail

I play on low G ukulele with standard banjo fingerpicks plus one more - the reversed one on my ring fingernail. I borrow the right hand technique mainly from

- bluegrass guitar player Lester Flatt (the boom-chick with the thumbpick plus index fingerpick on the off-beats),

- the banjo legend Earl Scruggs (however my thin drone string is at the treble side so I have to modify the rolls, and I also cross my thumb over index or even middle finger when playing the melody on treble strings),

- all the guitar players who play the style labelled now as Travis picking (but my thumb does not alternate by single notes, rather in double notes [root - root - fifth - fifth of the chord] to match the placement of root and fifth played by the bass).

Before I entered the ukulele world, I played tenor banjo in open G tuning DGdg, with the same set of four fingerpicks - there are banjo videos too.
I have a Gmail account that uses my plain name and as far as I know know youtube just uses this name. Is there a way to create a different YouTube account that is more similar to UU username?
Here I am! Here's me playing an early song of mine over at me Youtube channel

If you like Ukulele's from the early 1900's.... Here's Mine.... The Vintage Ukulele --->

Stop on by and say hello...
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