Sold Kamaka Concert Deluxe -- HF-2D (2022) -- super beautiful koa, very clean!

Included, to CONUS only.
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Jun 7, 2021
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I jumped at this one on Reverb, because of the price (and the fact that I really dig Kamakas) -- just purchased it a couple of weeks ago, at a REALLY good price ($2100.00 -- these are now selling new for about $3100.00)... it has some faint strum marks and a couple of marks below the bridge from string changes that aren't even photographable, I tried. There is a tiny finish dimple under the bridge as well (not through to the wood), unable to photograph that, either...

LOOK AT THAT HEADSTOCK. It's the nicest koa pattern I think I've EVER seen on a Kamaka headstock - they can be a mixed bag. The headstock alone is probably 27% of the reason I purchased it (yes, I'm an idiot).

Selling it to fund another purchase, and need to clear a fairly substantial amount of dough to do so!

It's in extremely good shape, and basically looks like it would look after a couple of months of playing it, if purchased brand new. For that "head start", you'll save yourself about $1000.00.

It's a beautiful, sweet sounding instrument, as you'd expect - not the loudest concert ukulele you'll find, but it's SO playable, and the tone is amazing.

Asking $2000, shipped, to CONUS only. Ships in original Kamaka-branded hard case, pictured. Reasonable offers considered, but not looking for trades. Thanks.


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Price drop to $1900 -- this is a GORGEOUS, lovely sounding instrument! I really need to sell some ukuleles, so let my "desperation" be your gain -- these are $3100 new.
You're a master of temptation. This ukulele is beautiful and the price is unbelievable. Though I'm still feeling a pang of regret for not buying the Collings concert you had up a few weeks ago...
It's at a pretty significant pain point right now for me, too! The price truly is a STEAL for an extremely clean 2022 Kamaka...
Bump. Will consider trade for an equivalent value tenor... but prefer to sell -- reasonable offers considered!
Price drop to $1,700. These are selling new for $3,100. Nearly a 50% discount off brand new, for a 2022 model, in really nice shape, and normal signs of play wear.
Potential buyer seems to have disappeared… So back on the market. Amazing price for a truly beautiful and wonderful sounding K brand ukulele…
Small price drop -- but price is getting to a point where I'm much more likely to keep it or list it on Reverb, where I'm sure it would sell quickly for more than this. If you're interested, now is the time!
Congrats on the sale Jonas. I am so grateful that it was a concert and not a tenor.😉 I would have been in trouble, but I'd have a big grin of anticipation on my face. That is a beauty and I'm happy for someone.
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