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May 22, 2024
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Wanting to get my first Ukulele and looking around £300 to £400 (I’m in the U.K.)

Want a tenor with probably a 38mm nut (I have big hands) I’ve seen a couple I like around that price mark but I wondered if anyone had some recommendations?

I'd recommend you go to a uke shop if you can and start trying stuff out. Which ones have you seen that you liked, and what did you like about them?
If you have done a bit of research, you might have discovered that the UK has at least two uke specialist stores, Southern Ukulele Store and World of Ukes.

If one of them is within reasonable distance for you to go and try out some ukes, that could be worth doing. Trying in person might save you from buying a string of ukes to try different wood types etc, and just going for your favorite to begin with.

I am not up to date with which ukes has wide fretboards, but in a specialist shop they can help with that. Or you might try some narrower fretboards and find them ok.
Your budget for a first uke should be enough to get you something quite decent, more than what most people will call a "beginner uke". Which is good, because you will be less likely to feel a need to upgrade if the hobby sticks 🙂. Some words could be: unless you actually plan to use a pickup, dont waste your budget on a pickup. Or excessive inlay. Focus on getting one that is well made, plays easily, sounds good, has at least the top made from solid wood. There are some blinged up laminate ukes out there, which are over priced for what they are.
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