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Thread: ongoing saga about Uncle Rod's 5-string 'grail' uke

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    Default ongoing saga about Uncle Rod's 5-string 'grail' uke

    well, I didn't mean to be that dramatic!

    here's a brief history:

    around Christmas time 2018 I was gifted a 5-string uke built by local
    luthier Kerry Bannister, Lynnwood, WA. He had some 1880's mahogany
    'harvested' from an antique chest of drawers!

    the first (of three) ukes, the original gift, was a soprano-neck, concert
    body 5-string. the neck was a bit narrow for 5-strings so it didn't feel
    quite 'right' to me

    the second uke was double-puka (2 sound holes) concert and was actually
    Kerry's personal uke. Well, I kept catching my index finger in the hole
    of the upper bout and failed to find a good way to cover the sound
    hole to provide for more comfortable strumming.

    Kerry graciously worked with me to create a third model with a wider,
    1.5" neck on a Concert scale and a Soprano body. He had some
    difficulties with the upper and lower bout bends and unfortunately
    had a few sides crack under tension.

    Well, this past Wed (Jan 30th) Kerry presented me with the finished
    uke with clear plastic strum guards on both upper bouts, a beautiful
    figure 8, slightly elongated soprano body and a wider concert-scale

    I played it during our 2hr song circle, then taught my Thurs night
    class using it. I intend to use it during my Monday night classes...
    suffice it to say, "I really like it!"

    I know, I know (and you'll have to forgive me on this) I have no
    pictures... please accept my apologies. You'll just have to come
    by the Kona Kitchen Restaurant in Seattle, or see me at the next
    Ukulele Festival Hawaii (July 2019) I hope to make that event
    although I may be having or recovering from knee surgery... yikes!

    So that's the end of the matter. Third of 3 special 5-string ukes
    for me, gifted by some friends, and built by a very special luthier.

    thanks for listening to my story.

    one of these days I'll post both pictures and sound samples...
    I almost promise this

    meanwhile, keep uke'in',
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    Hey Rod, that sounds very cool indeed! So, what does that fifth string do, can you elaborate on that a bit?

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