Decided to just say screw it and publish this unfinished album


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Oct 3, 2021
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I had 2 more tracks but they're up in my high register and I can't get my computer mike to reliably capture those frequencies. Life is short. Have seven new tracks.
Might add those two tracks sometime but I'm not going to rush. I find I have to strike exactly the right balance between singing too quiet and too loud and I need some more work on my high register before I can do that with any control.
I probably will add them. But I'll do a bit more voice training first because A5 is a mighty hard note to sing moderately loud. It's one of those belt it loudly or don't do it at all notes.
Update: I've added the other two tracks Nephila and Black Percheron's Mane. @ripock you asked me about a new album a while ago in another thread - here it is
Just did another album today too
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