got Hawaiian shirts?

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Jun 7, 2011
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I'd like to know how many other uke players like their Hawaiian shirts.

Me, I've got a couple. How bout you?
I'd like to know how many other uke players like their Hawaiian shirts.

Me, I've got a couple. How bout you?

Wearing one to work now! I like them, but recently felt compelled to honor my Cayman Island heritage and eventually switch over to the Cuban style shirts... the Guayabera also known as the “Mexican wedding shirt”.
I like a short sleeved button down so I might wear one if I could find a nice looking, tasteful one. The vast majority of them are garish if not hideous.
I wear mine to work and when my uke group performs.
I've got a whole bunch that I've acquired over the years. I wear a different one almost every day.
I have always wondered if the shirts that are sold here on the mainland as "Hawaiian shirts" really are Hawaiian (I live in California). That is, I've always wondered if people in Hawaii really wear them. I've only been to Hawaii once, many years ago, and I don't recall seeing many people wearing these loud, flamboyant shirts. But that was a long time ago.
Been to Hawaii twice.

And as a Brit that is a long trek each time.

Each time I have bought a shirt there.

Great silk shirt first time there which was made in Manilla.

Second time bought another silk shirt but quality is not as good, made in Hawaii.
I have about 6 or 7 of them. They are my dressy shirts in the warm weather.
I have three Hawaiian shirts that I wear occasionally. The top buttons are in the wrong place for me to be comfortable wearing in a lot of places (the top button chokes me and the next one down leaves the shirt too open) and I don't like wearing t-shirts under button down shirts. I basically save them for fancy dinners whenever I'm in the islands.

Aside from that I have two "Hawaiian" t-shirts that I wear all the time; a brown one with a Kamaka logo and a grey one with a blue silhouette of a rooster standing over the word "Kauai".
I’ve lived here on Oahu for six years. Hawaiians don’t wear aloha shirts unless they work in the tourist industry. A lot of what mainlanders think of as Hawaiian is what Hawaii was over fifty years ago.
Most people here in Hawaii respect traditional Hawaiian music but smooth soul and Hawaiian reggae, Jawaiian, music are probably the most popular here. There is punk. There is jazz. There is classical. The cane fields are gone and most of the pineapple fields. People have to work hard here. Housing is expensive. Wages can be low and commuting can be very hard. In spite of all the difficulties, however, people are largely friendly still. Hawaii is a big mix of races that tend to get along and mix and yet keep their own traditions. Complex place. Basically I have come to the conclusion that I knew just about nothing about Hawaii before moving here six years ago.
I have one and I wear it to Jimmy Buffett concerts. That's about it.
I have four, one with ukuleles that I wear for gigs, the others when I feel like it.

This is Michael Kohan in Los Angeles, Beverly West near the Beverly Center
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