Wilko Johnson


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Feb 12, 2016
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East Midlands UK
Saw the sad news that Wilko Johnson had passed away yesterday. Mainstay of classic UK R&B band Dr Feelgood, he went on to work with Ian Dury & the Blockheads, as well as years of touring wih his own trio,comprised of himself, Bassist Norman Watt-Roy (Former Blockhead) and Drummer Dylan Howe. My elder son met them and had pics taken,when the trio played in a London music store where my son worked at that time.
He was given a terminal diagnosis ten years ago for an inoperable Cancer; he then found a surgeon who tried something different,and defeated the disease. During his wait for surgery he recorded an album wit Roger Daltrey of the Who,and played a series of dates in his 'farewell tour'. Having been cured, he continued to play wih his trio for the next ten years! So sad, but all our 'heroes' have a finite span....
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