Season 637 - Here and Now

Hey Rick, your video settings are for "content made for kids" so I can't add it to the playlist or comment. Let me know if you switch it back, and I'll get it in there!
Thanks, Marin. I was posting from the mobile YT app, and the settings can be wonky!
I hope enough of this song is in the now. This is from a 1990 album by June Tabor & The Oyster Band. It was written by band member Ian Telfer.

You know how YouTube gives you three thumbnail pictures to choose from? I have never done a video before where the three pictures looked this much the same.

A song by Domenico Obizzi (1627)
Aura che qui d'intorno,
mormorando t'aggiri,
deh prendi miei sospiri
prendili e teco hor hora
colà lipota ove'il mio ben dimora.​
Breeze that surrounds here,
Murmuring around you,
Oh, take my sighs
Take them and with you now
bring them where my good dwells well.​
You know how YouTube gives you three thumbnail pictures to choose from? I have never done a video before where the three pictures looked this much the same.
When I don't like any of the three auto-generated thumbnails, I just scan through the video on my phone, take a screenshot of the best frame, and upload that as a custom thumbnail. Easy peasy.

Also, I do find that occasionally it will choose the same frame for all three shots - especially if I try to edit them too soon. I usually wait a few minutes after the video finishes uploading before attempting to change the thumbnail, which seems to prevent that from happening.
I volunteered with my local Greens party to go door knocking today, to drum up support for our candidate Andrew (2nd from left behind my in the video), and to invite neighbourhood folks to a weekly free dinner in the park.

Before we went off in pairs and singles to go knock on people's doors, most of the crew (there are 7 people behind me, though you can't see the back three as well as I'd hoped) agreed to make video with me - one take, zero rehearsal, in bright sun that didn't allow me to see the iPad very well, let alone have the gang all gather round it.

I thought this iconic Aussie classic (#26 on the Ozzest 100 - Aussiest songs of all time), "To Her Door" by Paul Kelly, was a perfect choice - for the day's activities as well as, for 638's road sign theme, it contains "slow" and "streets", and is about both an actual and a metaphorical epic road trip.

Plus it unfolds like a movie, and ends on a cliffhanger, so seems a good fit for this "here and now" theme as well.

Turns out it's all verse and very little chorus, the gang couldn't see my iPad and didn't know the words, so there's only a little singing along. After I got home it occurred to me I could have had them look it up on their phones.

As Andrew's wife Mon implies at the end ... we can try another one at the community dinner on Thursday.
I'm not sure if this song qualifies or not. It seems to be about someone stuck in the present, maybe not falling back but despite glimmers of hope, not really moving forward either. Paul McCartney and Wings - Another Day.

An old hymn we sang in church growing up, Here I am, Lord.

This is my first go at a Seasons! I haven't sung many songs since the start of the pandemic, so it was great to have this chance to give it a go!

I'm really enjoying hearing everyone else's contributions, too.

Ki ora from another kiwi seasonista! Loved your song, it was so heartfelt.
Since 2012, King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard have released about 25 studio albums, and plenty more material on top of that, spanning genres from psychedelic folk to thrash metal. I just learned about them last year, and I thought, "These guys probably have a song for pretty much any Season theme."

Luckily, they've got a 'now' song that I could adapt to ukulele in a week :p

Suckily, though, I didn't find enough time this week to learn Sparks' "Here in Heaven" for a perfect 'here' song to pair with this one.

Still, fun!
Thanks for hosting, Marin!

I wanted to bring you one on Friday night, but it didn't work out.

I opted for a guitar composition by Jurg Hochweber, from his free ebook Guitar Magic.
It's called Im Nu / In No Time.

Whilst 'now' is 'jetzt' in German, we have the same word 'nu' in Dutch, which can be many parts of speech. When it functions as a noun, the translation is 'now' or 'present'. I read the Im NU as 'In the present moment'.

Pardon my tardiness on this submission...I could have cranked it out, but I didn't want to rush this one as it started to shape up pretty nicely. I would have had to shortcut a lot of things to make the 6am EST deadline this morning.

I severely underestimated learning Paul's bassline. I didn't go note for note, but I wanted to catch the spirit and get the important parts down at least. That took up most of my free time on Saturday & Sunday (which wasn't much to begin with).

Anyway, if anyone was curious as to what changed in the 48 hours from my first run through. The biggest thing was getting that walkdown at the end. I view the Seasons as a way to learn and improve. Making mistakes is long as I learn from it.



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Wrap up!​

You guys! Thank you so much for all of your submissions! As of now, the final tally is 64 videos on the playlist, 10 of them originals. I’m unfortunately not going to be able to put together as detailed a recap as I did for midweek, but I did have a few callouts to make!

First off, a big welcome to @wherahiko! Thank you for your delightful submission, and I hope to hear more from you!
Thanks to @MorganTheBard for your thoughtful and emotive songs. It’s scary to show vulnerability on the internet, and I’m glad this community is the kind of place where we can step outside of our comfort zones.
Relatedly, thanks to Morgan, @pabrizzer, @wee_ginga_yin, @Barbablanca, and @joo for bringing the originals this week! (Apologies if I missed anyone). I’ve written a few parodies over the years, but writing a whole song seems to be beyond me. I am delighted, enchanted, and thoroughly impressed by your talents!
@Caspar, I LOVED Hard Times, some of your best work! Keep 'em coming!
@ukudancer, Now & Then was a perfect closer for the week, especially since we got two versions of “Nows” over time, and they were so different! I love hearing how songs evolve in your hands. It's magical!
Joo - Urgent Public Announcement was my favorite of the week! I watched it a couple of times and dragged my kids in to see. They were delighted as well! If I were giving out prizes, this’d be the winner!

Thanks, everyone, for making my first time hosting so very special! Looking forward to the next round!
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