season 582 - from the kitchen


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Sep 1, 2012
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Central Coast, NSW, Australia

the music i'd like to hear this week is
one - any song you like as long as it is recorded in and delivered from your kitchen
two - any song with the word kitchen in the title or lyrics
three - any song that has appeared on or any song done by artists who have appeared on the youtube channel blues kitchen tv
newly recorded songs only please
no song limit

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Thanks for hosting Brian! Killer link to the Blues Kitchen TV Channel! Very fertile ground for finding songs and artists ~
Oh, dang it ... I shall have to tidy the kitchen; and, as I have already mentioned, I haven't got any bacon! Good one, Brian!
Hello, Brian and thanks for hosting! This comes straight from my kitchen, which might not look a lot like other peoples' kitchens as I live in a rather old house. And, apologies for the turban ... I'd just washed my hair when I recorded this, but I wanted to get it done as I'm going out to lunch. There is also a certain discrepancy here in that I ALWAYS drink my coffee black, but I suppose the sentiment stands ...

I'm at another music camping gathering - two weekends in a row ... in Woodford, Queensland this time.

We managed to find a kitchen song we could do on short notice, with THREE ukes - Slim Dusty's "A Pub With No Beer". Somewhere in there "he walks in the kitchen".

Gene sang and played tenor ukulele (which is basically a baritone uke), capo 5 (so tuned GCEA like a soprano). My mandolin friend Denis, who you may recognize from last week, had discovered only minutes before that, as a guitar player, he can play ukulele - so he grabbed my spare.

Seasons debut for both my new friends.*

* (Denis was in Season 581 with me on mandolin ... this is his ukulele debut.)
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Eek! While you are all finding kitchen songs, I notice that we don't have a host for next week. Any offers? (Please reply in the Sign Up thread)
I've performed at open mics at three different music fests in the last 9 days! My new friend Denis from fest #1 has accompanied me on his mandolin at all three.

We're currently at fest #2, at Woodford Showgrounds ... and tonight we crashed #3 at nearby Woodfordia, home of the huge and famous Christmas week Woodford Folk Festival (where I notoriously caught covid both times I've been ... I sure hope I've broken the curse this time! 😱) I dubbed our band "Wendenee": Wendy+Denis (he's French).

We did the same set as last night, which happened to be two songs featuring types of food - my mashup "Get Off My Spaghetti" and my original "Tiny Potato". So I figured it wouldn't be too big a stretch to insert the word "kitchen" into both to qualify them for this Season.

The audiences at both Woodfords loved the songs, especially tonight's, which was full of families with kids. You can hear them enthusiastically singing along. Such a fun night, followed by campfire jamming, then back to the other Woodford fest for more jamming tomorrow.

Sorry about the sound guy, who apparently forgot he told me to put the camera there ... he did get out of the way after a bit....

Thanks Brian for this great idea for a theme. I just happen to know a song with the lyric kitchen in it. So I’ve recorded it in my kitchen for you. I love this epic tune by the master song writer Leonard Cohen and I was lucky enough to see him in concert on his last tour across Canada before he left us. At age 78 he gave a 4 hour concert and when he sang Hallelujah I just wept. Hope I do it some justice on my uke.
I feel that it would somehow be against the rules for me to fail to try this one. Slightly tweaked lyrics here, since I don't have backing singers...

I didn't record it in the kitchen because it would have annoyed some people, but I was there in spirit, and I will do a kitchen recording later in the week :). I'll make sure I do the washing up first.
I'm now in my fifth month of living in a hotel. I don't HAVE a kitchen. :(
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